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Nomisma Watch

1960s, “Luch”. A rare slim model named “Bicolor”, in new condition!

1960s, “Luch”. A rare slim model named “Bicolor”, in new condition!

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A rare model from Soviet classics, dating back to the mid-60s of the last century, is offered for sale🏷️ It's a truly unique opportunity, as finding such models for sale in such condition is practically impossible! This watch will be a highlight in your collection, among other Soviet timepieces🤯

The «Luch» brand watch, produced in the USSR named the Bicolor model, got its name from its dial, which consists of two parts: the main dial in the center and the part with time markers (resembling an inner bezel). In its new condition, it stands out as one of the rarest models in production - a watch of the highest collector's level🔝

😎Special attention should be given to the bracelet, which is original and in pristine condition, making it a unique addition to any collection. In the set, it offers a distinctive combination. Additionally, the watch comes complete with an original box and an additional original leather strap.

⚙️The movement is a work of art in its own right, known as one of the highest quality movements of Soviet production - the ultra-thin caliber 2209, which is based on 23 rubies💎 and finished in gilding.

In the Soviet Union at the time, this model could not be openly purchased. It was acquired either by individuals from the political elite or through personal "connections." These models were commonly referred to as the "Aristocrat's Dream."

🟡Case, movement, bracelet - in pristine 10-micron gold plating

Made in the USSR
Manufactured in the mid-1960s
📏Diameter size: 37 mm

▪️100% authentic original watch
▪️The movement has been professionally serviced and shows the time accurately
▪️Original bracelet in gold plating, original box, and original strap included

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Each vintage timepiece is not just a timekeeping device, but also an exquisite accessory that transports us to the world of bygone eras.

Collecting these masterpieces not only pleases our aesthetic sensibilities but also proves to be a lucrative investment. Over the years, the value of these unique specimens only appreciates, creating a strong connection to the past and a reliable financial resource for future generations.

Allow yourself to immerse in the world of horological art as you hunt for unique specimens from our store.