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Nomisma Watch

1980s "CASIO CA-505", Original vintage wristwatch with calculator! Retro rare watch

1980s "CASIO CA-505", Original vintage wristwatch with calculator! Retro rare watch

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A true legend in the world of watches, which is extremely rare and sought after by all collectors and watch enthusiasts. We present to you the ORIGINAL legendary model by Casio, produced in the 1980s, made in Japan.

This watch is very beautiful, stylish, and of high quality, incorporating many useful functions and looking simply impeccable on the wrist! In excellent collector's condition, it will allow enjoyment for many generations to come!

As for nuances, there are only traces of time on the rubber buttons of the calculator, which only confirm the originality and authenticity of the watch, as this is a characteristic feature of original releases from the 80s.

This model is an excellent collector's piece, representing a significant chapter in the history of watchmaking and the Casio brand.

🤍The watch chrome-plated, bracelet is made of stainless steel.🤍

Made in Japan
Manufactured 1980s
📏Watch size: 31 х 41 mm.

▪️100% original watches.
▪️The mechanism has undergone routine maintenance, and all functions are working correctly.
▪️The set includes a new storage box!

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Each vintage timepiece is not just a timekeeping device, but also an exquisite accessory that transports us to the world of bygone eras.

Collecting these masterpieces not only pleases our aesthetic sensibilities but also proves to be a lucrative investment. Over the years, the value of these unique specimens only appreciates, creating a strong connection to the past and a reliable financial resource for future generations.

Allow yourself to immerse in the world of horological art as you hunt for unique specimens from our store.